Data Analytics and Reporting

DataAssist is an innovative software solution designed to enable you to focus on what you need to do by providing comprehensive and multi-faceted analytical dashboards and reports. DataAssist will take care of all your analytical and reporting requirements.

DataAssist will bring the following solutions and services to your business:
- Service enabled business intelligence
- Taking analytics and reporting into the cloud
- Enabled analytics and reporting mobility

Service Enabled Business Intelligence

Service enabled business intelligence brings the specialities of data, software and services together in a single engagement. DataAssist can be implemented on premise, or via cloud data integration. We provide all the services required to enable the software and data components, and provide a holistic solution to your analytics and reporting requirements.

By combining licence fees and services solutions to tailor fit our customer’s unique environment, we eliminate any restrictions on number of users and consulting required. Our services enable us to supply the right person at the right time, ensuring that functionality such as integration, report development, architecture services and end-user training are provided professionally and timeously.

DataAssist Mobility: A single view of your data on any device

DataAssist’s mobile experience enables the single view of your data where ever you are. The mobile applications work seamlessly across all mobile devices and offers native performance and user experience.

Take Your Analytics and Reporting into the Cloud

DataAssist’s roadmap to cloud provides organisations with the ability to enable large numbers of information consumers to access relevant, secure information where ever they are, and on any device. DataAssist Cloud combines enterprise dashboards, native experience mobile applications, security, data integration and quality and data warehousing. With the roadmap to cloud, DataAssist allows their customers to move from on premise to cloud seamlessly and securely.

Improving Achievement through Student Data Management

In the current education environments, there is little or no aggregation of learner information. Information is isolated, redundant and difficult to share.  The technologies used, if any, are aging and frequently incompatible with each-other.  DataAssist provides the mechanism to achieve complete aggregation and alignment with the various information sources used in the education environments.  

It is easier to ensure that learners meet challenging standards, targeted instructions, when presented with a holistic view of the student information.


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